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Vendrame – Vignis Del Doge founded by my great grandfather, is to this day very much a family affair. I make the wines, my brother Simone together with my father, take care of the vineyards and my mother takes care of the office. This is how it always has been and hopefully how it will remain with the next generations, a family winery.

Famiglia Vendrame
Vigne Vendrame

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Famiglia Vendrame

Simone Vendrame after various courses and stages in wine companies in the north of Italy, has specialized in the care and growing of the vineyards. From their planning to the transplantation and the fostering. He coordinates and manages all the activities regarding the vineyards.


Elia Vendrame shares with his wife Lidia the will to modernize and innovate the family run business. Together they are the strong cornerstones of the firm. With their sons they form an harmonious team: Elia manages the firm excluding the vineyards, while Lidia is responsible for the administrative tasks.


Gino Vendrame is the enologist. He is responsible for monitoring the maturation of grapes, the grape harvest, the wine making and bottling and the commercialization abroad of the product. He graduated in viticulture and enology at the Udine university. During his training years he travelled a lot in countries such as Argentina, Canada, California and Australia where he did a stage in a large vineyard company. He thus has a good knowledge of the best vines growing regions in the world.

Vini Vendrame

VENDRAME VIGNIS DEL DOGE, a family-run business, is located in the heart of Friuli Venezia Giulia (province of Udine), precisely in a small but well known village: Passariano. The Vendrame family has been devoted to farming since many generations. In 1997 Elia, with the help of his sons Gino and Simone, established Vendrame Vignis del Doge. The firm with 50 hectares, half of them as vineyards, is right in the center of the renowned Doc Friuli Grave region that flourishes in the middle of a rich valley enclosed by the Pre-Alps, in the north, and the Adriatic sea, in the south.

Moro Vendrame

These lands were culitivated by our family on behalf of the the last Doge of Venice as these were originally his lands, past down from generation to generation and tendered by us tennants on his behalf. The Doge would spend the summer months here at Villa Manin and when the Venetian Republic finally became part of the Kingdom of Italy, the lands were slowly sold to the tenants by the Doge’s decendants and whatever was not sold, appropriated by the region of Friuli Venezia & Giulia.

Territorio vigne Vendrame

Over time due to one thing and other (dissolution of the Venetian Republic, two world wars ect), my family stopped botteling our wine but continued to plant vines, grow corn and maize and then my father, with much protest from my mother, decided that it was time to start vinifying our grapes and sell the wine to the local enoteche. This went on for a number of years until my brother and I decided it was time to make our mark in the world and our family once again started to bottle our wines first for sale here in Northen Italy and now to the world.

Vigne terreno Vendrame