First created by my grandfather, Moro was originally called Moromuner which many found unpronouncable so after much debate and many arguments, we decided to shorten the name Moro. I guess common sense won. Moro is a blend of two grapes, Refosco and Merlot which are harvested late September and then dried on racks by the Alpine breeze for a period of two months undergoing a natural appasimento.Thegrapes arethencrushedtogetherand left in stainless steel tanks so that their juices can ferment together before being left to age for a period oftwoyearsin oakbarrels.Oncetheagingiscompleted, we bottle Moro and leave it to age in the bottle for
a further six months. Viola! We have our version of
a famous wine which undergoes part appasimento made
by our cousins from Veneto.

GRAPE TYPE: 80% refosco dal ped rosso, 20% merlot

APPELATION: igt venezia giulia

WINE TYPE: red wine


Aging in stainless steel tanks before being further aged in barrels. Once aging is complete the wine is left to further age in the bottle for 6 months.


Dry red wine with hints of amareno cherry, wild fruits and liquorice.


Best served with Angus beef, roasted duck or goose as well as seasoned cheeses.