Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio

First planted in the Passariano area of Friuli during the early 1900’s, our Pinot Grigio vines are 10 years old and were planted by my brother and I.

GRAPE TYPE: 100% pinot grigio

APPELATION: doc friuli grave

WINE TYPE: white wine

GROWING AREA: Passariano (UD).

We use the double Guyot training system. Plant density is approximatly 4700 vines per hectar and yield per hectar is around 85 q/ha.


Harvested the first week of September, grapes are destemmed and crushed then left to macerate with their skins for 24 hours. The juice is matured on fine lees with frequent battonage and then left to age in stainless steel tanks for 4 months before being bottled and left to further age in the bottle for 60 days.


Dry white wine with a bouquet of citrus fruits and pineapple with subtle tones of flint and minerals.


Best served with grilled chicken breast with garlic butter, Dover sole with new potatoes as well as pasta with tomato and fresh basil.